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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe

Participant 13 – VIBROMETRIC
Country Finland
Web site
Person in charge Dr. Calin Cosma -
Brief description of the organisation Vibrometric Oy is a consulting, R & D company specialised in geophysical studies for engineering, mining and environment. The company offers integrated contractual and / or consulting services, based on a range of hardware and software tools of proprietary design, the results from sustained R & D activity. In particular, Vibrometric has provided notable contributions to the development of small scale and deep seismic imaging methods and techniques.

Areas of expertise and fields of application include:
site characterisation (prediction of weak zones and faults, rock quality assessment); mining (ore prospecting and delineation, mapping of ore bodies and seams); oil (fractured reservoir characterisation, 3D fracture mapping from VSP data) tunnels (prediction of rock anomalies ahead of works) & location of old shafts, drifts, caverns; nuclear and hydroelectric power plants (foundation and underground facilities); ground engineering & control of man-made structures; dams and dam sites (detection of leakage, mapping of karsts, checking of grout injection, etc.); bridges (detection of fissures, sand pockets and unconsolidated concrete); chemical and radioactive waste and chemicals, water resources, environmental contamination); storage for oil, gas and hot water.


Vibrometric will undertake the development of novel seismic tools, including specialized sources, data acquisition routines and data handling methods to monitor the site in real time.

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