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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe

Participant 5 – IIT – Israel Institute of Technology
Country Israel
Web site
Person in charge Professor Jacob Bear -
Brief description of the organisation IIT is an 83 years old technological university active in all aspects of engineering and natural sciences.

Relevant to this project are its experts in the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering/division of hydrodynamics and water resources, and the department of Mechanical engineering. Specifically, these departments include experts in: modelling phenomena of transport in porous media; in hydrology and hydraulics of groundwater; in management of water resources, chemical engineering hydrodynamics and thermodynamics, geo-mechanics and energy systems (information systems engineering).


IIT will undertake research leading to identification of all relevant flow, reactive transport, thermodynamic and geo-mechanic processes, analyzing them and eventually incorporating them in a comprehensive flow and transport model that will be used for analyzing CO2 sequestration in geological formations.

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