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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe

Work package 9 Certification

WP leader


This WP aims to develop a generic methodology for performance and risk assessment raised by CO2 storage in saline aquifers as well as a decision support system in order to assist the decision making process both at the scientific and the decision making level. The methodology will be applied to one of the Mustang test sites. This develops criteria for the performance evaluation of the CO2 storage in a specific reservoir and outlines a set of practical guidelines for the quantification of a specific site for CO2 storage.

Work progress (March 2011)

The main findings and results so far include:
  • Specific site data has been collected and will provide information on the Heletz site to perform a risk assessment. A Generic Risk identification has started based on the different components that could be present in a CO2 storage site, identified with the support of the data from Heletz injection site. Components have been associated functions that have to be fulfilled to ensure low risks. A FMEA have been applied to the different components and functions to identify the failure modes, causes and consequences of failure. (see more progress info at ‘Risk assessment : methodological development for mustang project’)
  • The Decision Support System (DSS) technological platform is defined Mustang web-based DSS (MDSS) is a J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) application deployed under SunGlassFish Application Server.
  • The MUSTANG DSS is a modular (Figure WP 09-6) web application based on open-source technologies. The design modules are:
    • Visualization module
    • Analysis module
    • Guidelines module
    • Risk Assessment module

Figure 1. MUSTANG DSS Application architecture.

Figure 2. Risk Management Process according to ISO/FDIS 31000

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