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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe

Work package 2 - Test sites

WP leader


The main objective of this WP is to gather all the available data and information that is relevant to the quantification of CO2 storage and develop a conceptual model of each test site. Detailed conceptual models are developed for the sites in South Scania (Sweden), Horstberg (Germany), Valcele (Romania), Heletz (Israel) and Hontomín (Spain). The Maguelone site is not a candidate for CO2 storage, but it is designed for the testing of novel geo-electric monitoring technologies. The two natural analogue sites from UK are used as reference material. The information from the collaboration projects at LBNL and Stanford (e.g. the Frio and WESTCARB projects) and CO2CRC (the Otway project) is used as reference material. This WP will prepare all the necessary input for the computational models of each test sites.

Work progress (March 2011)
  • Establishment of a framework for the type of information and data input needed for numerical modelling and general site characterization concerning CO2 storage.
  • Construction of 3D structural models for each site.
  • Compilation of reservoir and caprock parameters site specific data and information that is essential in the numerical modelling work in WPs 07 and 08. (see low chart describing the executed work)
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