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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe



In Valcele, there are many exploration and exploitation wells where geological information, concerning local porosity values, pressures, etc) could be obtained through field tests.

The selected series for CO2 storage are OLIGOCENE and BADENIAN:

OLIGOCENE, the most important oil complex (500 - 1500m):
  • LOWER SERIES (sandstones, sands, conglomerates, with marlstone intercalations: Ol1b7, Ol1b6, …,Ol1b1);

  • SUPERIOR SERIES (argillaceous series with marlstone, clay with few sandstone intercalations: Ol1a1, …, Ol1a10.
BADENIAN (HELVETIAN-old name; 20-1000m):
  • LOWER SERIES (argillaceous series with thin intercalations of fine sand and calcareous sandstones: He III undivided, He III 4,…, He III 1)

  • MEDIUM SERIES (sand and sandstones: He II): He II A, He II B2, He II B1;

  • SUPERIOR SERIES (sandy series with marly and argillaceous intercalations: He I): He I b1+b2, He I c+d.
Role of Valcele site in the MUSTANG project:

For the Valcele site in Romania the main objective of work proposed is to construct the 3D parametrical model using a five-step investigation. It is developed through the evaluation of the following parameters:

 Evaluation of reservoir physical parameters relevant to CO2 storage performances;
 Evaluation of the opportunity of using one/two of the boreholes from the Valcele structure for injection tests.

The Valcele site includes a high number of wells with data which enables a 3D petrophysical characterization of porosity and permeability. Proposed is to construct the 3D parametrical model

Figure. 3D structure of Valcele Site (UB, Daniel Scradeanu).
The Valcele site is an example of a complex anticline structure with numerous wells in an oil field. High amount of geological information on the reservoir rocks. (241 boreholes in 29 oil and gas bearing traps)

Figure. 3D structure of Valcele Site (UB, Daniel Scradeanu).

3D parametrical models- Valcele site

Figure 1. Examples of 3D parameterical compilations on porosity and permeability from the Valcele data base (UB, Daniel Scradeanu).

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